About Us

At Caring Hands of Arizona our primary responsibility is kind-hearted care. We understand that providing a high level of loving assistance comes from upholding the value of family. Unconditional attentiveness and security has been at the root of our attendant care, habilitation, respite care, speech, and occupational therapy services since 2015.

In conjunction with the Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities, we provide these services for both children and adults seeking the very best from a thoughtful and considerate care provider. As we continue to grow into our purpose of creating a strong support system, for those who need a caring hand, we will be adding at home nursing, one on one counseling, and day treatment services to further help provide the most tender care.

About the Founder

Caring Hands of Arizona was founded by Ywchari Manos. A 20-year veterean in the Behavioral Health industry, Ywchari received her Bachelors in Criminal Justice and continued to garner her education with a Masters in Psychology from Ashford University in San Diego, California.

As the core of Caring Hands, Ywacharis’ insight to kind-hearted care was nurtured early as a young child. As a natural leader amongst her siblings, she often assumed the duties of care-taker, despite being the youngest child. These motherly characteristics have empowered Ywchari to see where extra loving care can be provided in both outpatient and inpatient mental health settings.

She hasmanaged minor to major roles in all capacities throughout her career in Behavioral Health Services. She has accumulated years of experience and continues to complete her foundation, currently working on her Doctorate at Ashford University, where she will earn her Doctorate in Psychology 11/2021. Ywchari has always served with absolute loving concern and is passionate about helping those in need of a caring hand.