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Kind-hearted Care

We treat patients like family, so it's care you can trust

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We treat our habilitation process with the upmost care aimed at improving functional skills for daily living. We tailor a plan specific for the client. Habilitation can take many forms such as Physical therapy, Speech-Language therapy, and Occupational therapy.

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Patient Centered Disability Care

At Caring Hands of Arizona our primary responsibility is kind-hearted care. We understand that providing a high level of loving assistance comes from upholding the value of family.

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Retirement House

Caring Hands of Arizona LLC was founded in 2015, as a contract vendor company with Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities providing attendant care, habilitation, respite care, speech, and occupational therapy services.

Our services

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Our approach to habilitation care is to focus on a tailored plan to gain independence.

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Respite Care

Sometimes we all need is a little break to continue to give the best care. That is where we come in. The caregivers can recharge while continuing great care for their loved ones.

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Speech Therapy

With our holistic approach we are able to ensure the ultimate success of the clients progress.

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